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The mission of the Church should be a direct reflection of the mission of God. Missiology matters only to the degree that it remains in agreement with His ultimate aim. Scripture offers an unrelenting, unwavering testimony concerning the consuming passion that drives all God does and will do. The ultimate end for which God created all things and for which He will copiously discharge His terrible power is His own glorification.

More specifically, He will be glorified by all of His creation, in all ways, and for all time. The heavens and the earth were fashioned to magnify Him exhaustively, incessantly, and eternally. A horrendous rebellion compromised this purpose, but God is on a mission to rectify that. His purpose is unstoppable, and His cause will triumph at a real time the Bible calls the end of the age (Mt 28:18-20). 

The Great Commission and the ambition to preach Jesus where He has yet been named finds its meaning within this larger story. This section is devoted to clarifying the trajectory of the missionary task, painting a portrait of the backdrop for its glorious completion, providing fuel for sending, and hearing stories from those who have already gone forth to make His name great in the earth.  

Five Reasons

June 2, 2017 By Stephen Venable in Ekballo

Five simple, biblical reasons for a young person to consider making a commitment to give a portion or the entirety of their life to making Jesus known among the unreached and unengaged in the hardest and darkest parts of the earth:   The Preeminence of Jesus “And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:18  

The Call of the Pioneer

There was a time when the Wild West captured the imagination of a generation. To explore, pioneer, and to conquer! Knowingly forsaking lives of comfort and ease, they dreamt as those who dream, to believe for a better, broader future. What lay beyond that lazy giant called the Mississippi? Golden streets of desire wishing to be uncovered? Land, free to stake and take, calling for willing plowmen? Whatever it was, they knew the reward beyond the temporary trials of travel demolished any pain of separation from the easy eastern shores.

Astonishing Access

August 10, 2016 By Stephen Venable in Ekballo

On September 19, 1853 a young man of 21 years old set sail from Liverpool bound for China. The man was the renowned missionary J. Hudson Taylor, and his boat would arrive safely near Shanghai on February 25, 1854 - the following year. The journey from his homeland to the distant foreign soil of his labor took over five months to complete.  

Eternal Perspective

Many of us have heard the different accounts of the story of Mary of Bethany. This kind of love moved the heart of Jesus on the day that she chose to break what was probably her entire life’s inheritance over Him as an act of worship. Her testimony of love has seemed to move the heart of a generation to do the same - to give their lives to a man who is so deserving and so worth our love.

Could It Happen Again?

June 23, 2016 By Brian Kim in Ekballo

Has any such offering of living men and women been presented in this age–in this country–in any age, or any country, since the days of Pentecost?” – President McCosh, President of Princeton College (now University) in May 1887, referring to the Student Volunteer Movement

The Point of Prayer

Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to His disciples, ‘sit here while I go over there and pray.’ And He took with Him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be grieved and distressed. Then He said to them, ‘My soul is deeply grieved to the point of death; remain here and keep watch with me.’” Matthew 26:36-38

What About America?

May 3, 2016 By Stephen Venable in Ekballo

These three words. Over the last several years I have found that if you press the call to frontier missions strongly enough, they almost inevitably come up. A casual presentation of the need for pioneering missionaries will usually draw a round of gentle applause and slight nods of the head in approval. If you go a little further, however, something changes. If the call becomes more direct and invasive, it's only a matter of time..."what about America?" 

Finding Jesus in the Most Unlikely Place

“David” walked into our prayer meeting one Thursday morning completely unannounced. He came in, sat down, and listened to us sing our hearts out to Jesus in his native language. He sat in the room watching us, unfazed by our broken attempts to sing and pray in his mother tongue.  Afterwards David spoke with some of our local friends and began sharing about his Muslim background and his recent crisis of faith in Allah.

What is God's Calling for Your Life?

April 26, 2016 By Stephen Venable in Ekballo

After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to go. And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Luke 10:1–2

But Coke Did It - Part 2

In the previous post, I narrated my journey to a rural village amongst an unreached people group. There, I was not only able to meet with the only known believer in that region, but I also had the privilege of going to a “corner store” (it only had a fridge and a few old candy bars) to purchase a big ol’ bottle of Coca-Cola. While I guzzled to my heart’s content, I was forced to ask some hard questions about what I had in my hands. How in the world did Coke get there and seemingly everywhere else on the planet?