Why the Unreached?



For the past few decades, missiologists have categorized the earth into people groups as a result of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Ralph Winter, a professor of world missions at Fuller Theological Seminary.  Dr. Winter's proposal was that, when the Bible mentions "nations," it isn't referring to geographical boundaries but to culturally and linguistically connected ethnic groups. This notion was revolutionary because it meant that one geographical region could contain many different ethnic groups, each very different in the eyes of the Lord.

Since the early 1980s, unreached people groups have been at the forefront of the Church's conversation about missions. An unreached people group is one where less than 2% of the population confesses themselves to be Christian. Beyond the unreached, there are the unengaged - a people group among whom professing Christians are less than 2% of the population and there is no known missionary work.   

We believe that there is no greater social injustice than lack of access to the Gospel and the truth about Jesus. Because of this, ACTS engages in a very specific missionary endeavor to both the unreached and the unengaged people groups of the earth.